Cellcom Green Bay Marathon

Cellcom Green Bay Marathon

Cellcom Green Bay Marathon

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95% of reviewers recommend this race
  • Green Bay,
    United States
  • May
  • 3 miles/5K, 13.1 miles/Half Marathon, 26.2 miles/Marathon, Relay
  • Road Race
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Iron Mountain, Michigan, United States
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"I'm reviewing the Half."
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Jessica 's thoughts:

I'm reviewing the Half. Unable to choose that option in the drop down box. Ok, the Cellcom Half. I wanted to LOVE this race, but it left me feeling indifferent. I'm glad it did it. This was my 6th Half. Would I recommend? meh, Not sure, maybe just do it once. Certainly nothing that makes me want to come back year after year. All I heard from my runner friends is, "You have to do Cellcom, you have to do Cellcom." So maybe it's not Cellcom's fault that it's so hyped. I thought it was just average. I feel very indifferent to the race itself. Running through Lambeau was ok, but you can do that with the Packer 5k, for a lot less cost. The Half's scenery other than Lambeau is just residential neighborhoods. It does not take you by the Fox River or anything spectacular like the Full does. There a hill that's a killer that I had been warned about starting at about 6.5 miles and seems to end at around mile 7. I feel the entry fee was very pricey compared to what you get. Big deal, a virtual swag bag, and nothing else except a shirt and a medal. The gear check bags where a nice touch. I did not care for the race medal series, but was so happy about the ribbon color being green this year, and the race shirt being green, too. So fitting for running it in Green Bay. The crowds were ok, but I'm used to the Bellin 10k crowds which are even better. THE BEST part of the race are how amazing, kind, and friendly all the volunteers were. THEY made the race. I appreciated where the GU Station was located, perfect spot. I thought it was tourture that the course makes you run up hill to finish. I understand it's due to coming out of Lambeau, it's memorable, but not in a good way. THE WORST part and most memorable part of the race, and not in a good way, is the race parking. No I didn't pay an additional $45 (!!!) to park in the elite parking section of the Lambeau parking lot, so I paid with my time. It took 45 minutes to go 75 feet to get out of the parking lot. My family kept calling to see if I was ok or got lost in Green Bay. "Nope, just stuck in the parking lot." No volunteers, no event staff, no police directing traffic in the parking lot itself. It was a free for all. Cellcom, Couldn't​ you get a couple extra volunteers with a few walkie talkies to coordinate so people get out smoother!?! So to me, honestly Cellcom is just overpriced hype. Glad I did it, but won't be a repeat customer.

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