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    United States
  • December
  • 26.2 miles/Marathon
  • Road Race
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Haley Gonzales

Sacramento , California, United States
51 33
"CIM 2016"
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Haley Gonzales's thoughts:

This year was my 5th CIM! Whoohoo!! I'm in the Loyal Runner Club now! But that isn't why I do this race. If you have read my past reviews you will see that this race is well organized, fast, community based and a lot of fun. 2016 was no different.

I worked the expo this year, and walked around a bit after my shift. There are always a lot of vendors and speakers. But I never hang around the expo for too long. However, there are plenty of volunteers to get you your packet & shirt and you can be on your way if that is your thing.

To get to the start I always go to the Convention Center to be picked up by the busses. I would like to say, the Sacramento Running Association (they put on the CIM) emails a survey to you multiple times if you are going to take their busses to the start and where you will be picked up. FILL THOSE OUT! This is for us runners. They want to be sure we get to the start on time, if you don't tell them you are taking a bus how will they know?? Rant over. There were plenty of busses, I think. The convention center seemed to have more people than usual this year, but we made it to the start with plenty of time to warm up.

The race course was as beautiful as ever (except through Carmichael) and there were a ton of spectators out cheering us on. Some of the aid stations were extra awesome this year - I wish I could remember which ones. I know there were kids there cheering and singing and were super engaged and that made it really fun. It seemed like they did a little more through the "middle miles" this year. More bands and blow up things that you run under. That was nice, no one really likes those miles, Carmichael isn't the best place to run through. Once you get past the H street bridge and into East Sac that is when the fun starts! Tons of people cheering and you can begin to countdown the streets until the finish.

I really love how well organized this race is. I had a few friends run it for the first time this year, and social media "friends" ;) run it for the first time and tell me that they love this race and the organization. I don't work for the SRA or CIM but I am an ambassador for them and it makes me proud to hear that! Once again, it was another great race and I'll be back next year!

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