Bubble Run

Bubble Run

Bubble Run

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  • Joliet,
    United States
  • May
  • 3 miles/5K
  • Road Race


Chicago, Illinois, United States
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"Bubble Walk 5k"
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Cass 's thoughts:

I signed up for this race with some family members, so ultimately I had a blast because it's a fun family bonding experience (especially with family that isn't super into running but wants to attend an event like this). However, this is not a 5k you would want to sign up for if you are a runner.

I would call this is a great fun family walk with a bubble theme. The idea is fun for an event, but definitely not for a run. As others mentioned, the bubble bogs took a long time to get through and there was really no space to run if that's what you intended to do. If you sign up and go into it knowing that ahead of time, you'll have a good experience. If you are trying to run this 5k, I would highly suggest signing up for a different race.

+ The concept of different bubble stations and different color dyes was fun.
+ The event was pretty well managed
+ Decent swag (white tshirt and headband to wear on race day and dye, similar to the Color Run concept)

- No room to actually run
- The course scenery itself left much to be desired

In the future, I think this event would be better served if there was a run group (say, the first 5 waves) and a walk group that starts an hour or so later. But with all of the slippery bubbles, maybe it's best to avoid running in them anyways!

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