Bethel Hill Moonlight 50 Miler

Bethel Hill Moonlight 50 Miler

Bethel Hill Moonlight 50 Miler

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  • Ellerbe,
    North Carolina,
    United States
  • June
  • 50 miles
  • Road Race
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PETERSBURG, Virginia, United States
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"Heat, Hills, Bigfoot, Donuts and a new Friend...That's a Boogie"
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Brian 's thoughts:

The Bethel Moonlight Boogie 50 Mile Race is a unique race in that it starts at 6 p.m. It’s run out in the middle of nowhere, ran in the heat of the day and in an environment that is not always runner friendly. Throw out all the other quirkiness and this is a one of a kind race.

I tried to sleep in Saturday morning, but my body clock just would not let me. I was up by 6 a.m. Like it or not my race day had started. To conserve as much energy as I could I decided to forego any “work” around the house or fishing trips to keep myself fresh before I traveled the 2.5 hours south west to Ellerbe, NC and the advertised heat and humidity of the Moonlight Boogie 50 Miler.

Arriving on site two hours early I knew instantly as I turned off the ignition, the motor stopped rotating and the AC compressor/blower stopped directing cool air into the driver’s compartment that the heat was on. As I cracked open the door a rush of hot, muggy and relentless air entered my once cool oasis causing my forehead to instantly bead with sweat. I then wondered what I had gotten myself into and was there time to leave?

boogie 50c(Some of the Rolling Terrain)

Since I decide I would stay and run this inferno, I wanted to take in some of the local charm. Braving the radiating beams of heat that were pounding the area I walked around the parking lot of a stand-alone church. Scanning the area I noticed a small gravesite, a nice grassy area, some wonderfully tall trees and the blazing sun. Simply walking around had me sweating and feeling over heated. I headed back to my car and the comforts of air conditioning. While on my short walk about one of the local runners mentioned that this might be one of the “cooler” Boogie races.

Say what???

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