BB&T YMCA Corporate Cup

BB&T YMCA Corporate Cup

BB&T YMCA Corporate Cup

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  • Charlotte,
    North Carolina,
    United States
  • March
  • 3 miles/5K, 13.1 miles/Half Marathon
  • Road Race
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North Carolina, United States
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"Cold & Chilly "
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Christie 's thoughts:

This was my first race after almost a year off of regular running. The race is located in uptown Charlotte. Parking in the designated parking decks is free with your race bib upon exit. Very close to the race start (less than a block). Race morning was a cold start at 27 degrees. I arrived early and went into the atrium of the Wells Fargo building where the mini- expo was. I didn't really look around much, but there appeared to be several vendors from local run clubs, juice co, chick-fil-a, and other sponsors. DJ inside played music and made announcements for lining up outside.
The half marathon started aprox 35 minutes before the 5k. I walked out to the starting point with a friend who was running the half, then after their start I hit the porta-potty (there were only 4-5, but I imagine most people found the restroom inside where it was warmer) and then returned to the atrium until closer to my start time.

Line up was easy- no specific corrals, just everyone in the street. Since this race is uptown, you're between lots of tall buildings so you get the wind tunnel effect. At 27 degrees, plus the wind, it was pretty cold until we moved out away from the starting line. I had shed one layer prior to the start so I wouldn't have to during the run. The weather was nice and sunny with a few shady areas in the neighborhood section. As you leave the starting line, it's pretty smooth running, just before mile 1, you fork left and head down a side street that has several eateries, but luckily for this time in the morning, they aren't open yet. I have run this route before in the evening and the food smells make it a rough route for the hungry runner. A couple of turns later and you're on a main 4 lane road with a slight incline, but the police presence is amazing and there's never an issue with traffic. About mile 2+ you're in a neighbor hood section with a couple of small hills, but nothing real major. Somewhere around 3 you're near the football stadium and turning back into the edge of uptown, this section I was unfamiliar with. Just before the last hill I was already at 3.2 and it's a good uphill run before the final turn. The final turn takes you to the finish line in about 30 yards. Finish line had volunteers handing out water and sports drinks, and tables with bananas, orange quarters and bagel quarters. Note: my phone app had the run at 3.29.

Medals were not handed out to finishers, instead you had to get in line at the tent as medals were promised to the first 1500 who registered. Unfortunately you aren't told what number you are when you register. There was a lady there telling the crowd if you had registered within " 3 weeks ago" then you likely did not get a medal. I couldn't remember the date, but I thought I was close so I got in line anyway. The lines were a mess. It was a big crowd close to the tent that eventually streamed out to one single line. Most people didn't realize it was sorted alphabetically and technically there were 4 separate lines. I stood in line anyway, but apparently I missed the cut off and didn't get a medal. I waited until everyone had gone through and went back to the tent and they had some extras left over so they gave me one.
I did wait till the end of the half, as I was waiting on my friend, and luckily I grabbed an extra granola bar as the half snacks/drinks were non existent when she came in and she finished within the time limit.

Overall it was a good run, I did PR, which I'm proud of since I didn't have an official pacing watch to keep up with my intervals and basically went by feel alone. Based on my finish time there were still an additional 350 people behind me.

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