Allstate Hot Chocolate Brooklyn

Allstate Hot Chocolate Brooklyn

Allstate Hot Chocolate Brooklyn

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  • Brooklyn,
    New York,
    United States
  • April
  • 3 miles/5K, 9 miles/15K
  • Road Race
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William Brent

EMMAUS, Pennsylvania, United States
36 52
"For a first year race I can't complain"
Aid Stations
Course Scenery
Expo Quality
Elevation Difficulty
Race Management
William Brent's thoughts:

I want to start by saying I am a huge fan on the hot chocolate events.
I have done 3 this year and have not been disappointed.

The good: you get tons of slag
The bad: it's hard to park it Brooklyn

This format might be different than my normal race review; but I have to tell you I really enjoy running in Prospect Park.
You forget that you're in a big city; there are waterfalls and tunnels in the middle of the park!
Maybe not at the start of the race; but definitely after the finish; there were hundreds of people with dogs and kites and frisbees and you forget that you're a Brooklyn

The Course itself is pretty flat. there's one tiny Hill when you make your loop.

For this race they started the 5 and 15K at the same time. Which was nice because I think the field would have felt empty if there was a staggered start.

I would say feedback for the race management team would be that there was some confusion on where the start of the race was. Before getting to the park I looked at the website and saw where the start was and just walked to where it said the race started and I got their fine

The only negative or critical feedback I have is that there was not a lot of cheering.
That doesn't speak so much to the hot chocolate boats but more to the community.

Okay second critical feedback is there isn't a good deal of parking.
If they have the race clearly again next year I can beat the street sweeping but how many people know that...

I think they did a decent job laying out the finish line but again with it being the 1st year I think there are some things that were present at Seattle and Philadelphia that were missing from Brooklyn.
I think if they come back for a second year those small missing things will be ironed out and the race will be on par with all of the other cities.

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